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Blue Meanie Makes The Case For WWE Selling Its Property To Amazon

With all content in high-demand, Blue Meanie believes that WWE could go “Prime time” with Amazon.

On his latest episode of “Mind of The Meanie,” “Da Blue Guy” believes that WWE is lining itself up to sell, and he thinks the top suitor is Jeff Bezos’ baby behemoth of business.

“My prediction is that the WWE will be sold to Amazon. Think about it – now do I know this? No, but, dude, they’re dumping a bunch of salary and they signed two, single, two billion dollar deals each for FOX, Peacock. You dump a salary, you show a higher profit margin so when they go to sell it they’re like, ‘Oh, look at all this money we made.’ Now the reason I say Amazon is you look at all the news and all these people are looking to buy content.”

Meanie continues, stating that while the streaming content may not be immediately at their fingertips, another big aspect of their operations would be.

“If you’re Amazon and you’re the sole person who can sell WWE t-shirts, mugs and not have to pay a licensing fee to the WWE, you’d be the sole licensee to sell WWE merchandise. Just that would be worth it. And who’s to say once those deals run out with Peacock and stuff like that in a couple years, maybe some of the content, maybe some of the content slowly, gradually goes over to Amazon and down the line, if the Peacock deal runs out, all the content goes to Amazon Prime.”

“Amazon they’re the prime target because they own everything from Whole Foods, they’re getting into if you want your medicine,” adds Meanie.

“Let’s not forget the 8.4 billion dollar acquisition of MGM that Amazon just did,” Shernoff also notes. Later on, he brings up the mindset that Vince will “die in Gorilla,” meaning he’s going to be operating WWE until he shuffles off this mortal coil. Meanie still sees an opportunity in which Amazon could scratch Vinny Mac’s back.

“Imagine WWE being sold and they keep Vince on as an employee of sorts, you know? Where he runs the business. Kinda like I wish [when] Turner bought WCW, he should have let the Crocketts keep running it the way it was.”

(Author’s note: my other employer besides WrestleZone happens to be Whole Foods Market and Meanie makes a case here. When Whole Foods was purchased by Amazon in 2017, they kept the founder and former chairman, John Mackey, on as CEO.)

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

Listen to the complete episode of Mind Of The Meanie below:

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