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Mickie James On Working With NWA: It’s An Opportunity To Build Women’s Wrestling The Right Way

Mickie James doesn’t plan to waste any time in building NWA‘s women’s division.

Mickie James shocked the wrestling world when she appeared on last night’s episode of NWA Powerrr to announce an all-women’s pay-per-view set for August 28. Ahead of the big summer show, James appeared on the Powerrr Post Show and discussed her announcements and plans for the NWA women’s division.

“It’s incredible, it’s really, really incredible,” James said of finally getting the opportunity to work with the NWA.

“I’ve obviously watched everything with the NWA from the sidelines and have been full of support because it’s my husband [Nick Aldis], it’s Billy [Corgan], I love what they’re doing, I love the way that they present the product, it’s so different, it’s so raw and unique and I just…I love it. It’s what wrestling is to me, that’s the type of wrestling I grew up on and I love the elements of how we’ve grown and evolved and all these things but there’s something that can be said for the business itself and the word ‘wrestling’ still belongs in it. That’s the business that I fell in love with,” James said. “Not only with the history of the women’s championship but I think there’s an opportunity to bring back the women’s tag-team championships.

“There’s so many things that we can do and I think that the beautiful thing is that we’re all friends here, I don’t want bad blood with anyone here and I think Billy’s the same way and I think that’s why there’s so many open relationships here and so there’s the potential to do some really, really cool stuff that you’re not gonna see anywhere else. There’s going to be tons of opportunity to build women’s wrestling the right way and I think in the 80 years of wrestling on television,” James explained, “we’ve only seen it from a male’s perspective and we’ve only seen women’s storylines from a male’s perspective. And that’s okay, that’s how we’ve got to the here and now, but I think that at this time and this day and age, there’s an immense amount of uber-talented and knowledgable women who know how to make money in this business and can help build the foundation and really be that core that helps grow women’s wrestling as a whole.”

Mickie James went on to explain that she has so much history in the wrestling business with various promotions, and it’s because people gave her opportunities. She said now having someone in Billy Corgan, who also has ties to music like she does, believe in her makes it just feel like the right chance to do something herself.

“Most people, especially women, don’t get a second chance to go back to WWE. I was afforded that opportunity and I loved the girls there and I think that they, even in their hearts, know that they want this [too]. And now to be able to partner up with Billy, who is my friend and someone that I trust and believes in me and actually is opening this door to allow me to build it how I want, that’s pretty amazing. And it’s crazy to me that it took a man in the music industry, who loves wrestling, to make this happen for me as I’m someone in the wrestling industry, who loves music. It’s just this ironic thing and it’s amazing. I think that the stars all aligned,” James explained, “and I think the original intention was to perhaps do some stuff before and then announce this, but the stars lined up with the Chase Center and it’s wrestling at the chase and it all felt right.”

The Mickie James-produced women’s PPV, #EMPOWERRR, will take place on August 28 in St. Louis, the first of four nights of action for the NWA that weekend.

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