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Eric Bischoff: ‘Let’s Just Not Have Any More Factions For A Few Years’, The nWo Will Never Be Recreated

This year’s WWE Hall of Fame merged both the 2020 and 2021 classes into one big event. The nWo was inducted as part of the 2020 Hall of Fame class, while Eric Bischoff was inducted with the 2021 class.

Eric Bischoff recently sat down with Joey Karni of The Angle Podcast to discuss his legendary career in professional wrestling. When his WWE Hall of Fame induction was brought up, Bischoff talked about what it meant to him to be inducted alongside arguably WCW’s most popular act ever:

“It was kind of like a double whammy,” Biscoff explained. “It was a double hitter for me because I created that sh*t. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan. Hulk is one of my best friends, for sure. Kevin and I stay in touch. I love Scott. We don’t stay in touch. Scott’s kind of an independent dude. I have nothing but love for Scott. More now than ever because I know more about him now. I would’ve been happy sitting in the audience watching if there were an audience. I would’ve lived vicariously through them.”

Recently Eric Bischoff appeared on AEW Dynamite, and he implied that The Inner Circle could someday be mentioned in the same vein as the nWo. But during this interview, Bischoff explained that the nWo will never be recreated because its successors continue to pale in comparison. In fact, he argued that wrestling companies should stop booking factions for a while.

“I wouldn’t even attempt it,” said Bischoff. “Everyone’s been trying to recreate the nWo since the nWo. You just can’t, man. The good news is the nWo will go down as one of the best storylines/factions in the history of the wrestling business. nWo merchandise is one of the highest selling items in the WWE catalog. The bad news is, every effort that keeps coming along pails in comparison, and I think the only way to overcome that is to just let it rest.

“Let’s just not have any more factions for a few years so that when one comes along, it feels fresh and not like an attempt to be like the nWo. Everything gets compared to it.”

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