W. Morrissey Rich Swann IMPACT Against All Odds
Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

W. Morrissey Defeats Rich Swann, Madman Fulton Spoils X-Division #1 Contender Five-Way

W. Morrissey Defeats Rich Swann At Against All Odds

W. Morrissey continues to show the IMPACT roster that you can’t teach talent. Morrissey squared off against former IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann at Against All Odds and the big man made the most of it.

Morrissey, who took out Willie Mack just this past Thursday on the “go-home” show, took it to Swann for a good deal of the match, but Rich showed some scrappiness against Morrissey as he used his speed and athleticism to down W. Size and strength came to the former Big Cass’ advantage as the tide turned with a big boot mid-match. Morrissey remained in control, but Swann once more fired back with some of his high-flying arsenal. He ends up hitting Morrissey with his Phoenix Splash, but Morrissey kicks out by picking Rich up with an F5. Swann kicks himself a little bit of leeway, but a low boot to the spine downs the former champ once more. This led to not one, but two powerbombs by W. Rich taunts W. from the canvas and Morrissey delivers one more massive powerbomb for the pinfall win.

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Madman Fulton Spoils X-Division #1 Contender Five-Way

The five-way number one contender match for the X-Division Title was as fast-paced as you’d think it to be, but thanks to Madman Fulton the outcome as to who that will be remains undetermined

Ace Austin, Chris Bey, Trey Miguel, Petey Williams and Rohit Raju all had their time in the spotlight, but Miguel made the most of the moment by

Some wild spots occurred in the match including an avalanche Canadian Destroyer on Ace Austin. Miguel broke it all up and ascended up top, but was met with surprise by Madman Fulton. With complete disregard for any sense of structure, Fulton destroyed every challenger in the ring and it prompted the official to end the bout in a no contest. Josh Mathews on commentary teased the the viewers by encouraging them to tune in next Thursday to get some answers as to what’s next for the X-Division