Braun Strowman
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mark Henry Says There Is Mutual Interest Between AEW & Braun Strowman

Mark Henry revealed he was signing with AEW a few weeks ago and he has now revealed another potential candidate that could become a member of the AEW Universe down the road.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Henry revealed that there is interest within AEW of bringing in Braun Strowman and that the interest was mutual. Henry said, “Braun is super high on my list. It’s not an all Mark Henry decision, but there already is interest on both sides. Hopefully, by the time he’s allowed to wrestle in August, we can have a serious conversation about contractual things and that nature but right now there’s interest on both sides.”

It should be noted that WWE does own the rights to the name ‘Braun Strowman’, so he would have to go by a different name when the time comes.

Mark Henry also revealed he was high on Big Cass, but refused to delve into additional details because Big Cass is currently under contract with a different company. Henry said “I don’t want to talk to people while they have contracts with people. I don’t think that that’s fair.” Check out the full interview below.

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