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Hyan Explains How ‘The Tudors’ And ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Have Inspired Her Ring Gear

Professional wrestling spans many, many decades, so it’s no surprise that wrestlers draw inspiration from other unique eras in time. “The Renaissance Woman”, Hyan, strives to embody her persona and ring gear from The Tudors of the Renaissance Era, with a nod to the The Legend of Zelda.

Speaking with A Wrestling Gal podcast, Hyan further explained the allure with The Tudors and inspirations behind her ring gear:

“Pretty much, the show is about King Henry VIII of England and his eight wives that he has, so it follows him throughout his life. So on the TV show, they have the best outfits…and so actually, some of the costumes from that show are kind of the inspirations behind some of the gear that I have; and then for my shoulder armor that I have for entrances, that one is like a complete replica of Zelda from The Legend of Zelda video game.”

Hyan dawns a Legend of Zelda tattoo, so she went further on to explain that one of her personal goals was to meet the Executive Vice President of AEW, Cody Rhodes, and former AEW Women’s Champion, Nyla Rose, to discuss their similar Legend of Zelda-inspired tattoos. “I just know that we would automatically be friends”, she declared. Hyan also noted that she had never met Rhodes before, but was backstage at AEW before:

“I was backstage at AEW when they first started running….but he was busy, so I didn’t want to come up to him and be like ‘hey man, you like Zelda?’.

On the topic of ring-gear, Hyan was also asked who she thinks has the best ring-gear aesthetic in professional wrestling today:

“That’s really hard, ’cause there’s some really good gear out there. I would say, Harlow–Harlow O’Hara. She has this one piece that is so detailed and incorporates a lot of fabrics. I’ve always loved her gear for sure. Jordynne Grace has really good gear for sure…and Solo [Darling], and the fact that she makes her own gear, makes it that much better.”

The full episode includes more conversation on Hyan’s upcoming UK debut, her female inspirations, the wildest match stipulation she’s ever seen, recent experience at Ring of Honor, Sabotage Wrestling, and more!

One thing is for sure: someone needs to set up and document a meeting between “The Renaissance Woman”, the former AEW Women’s Champion, and the AEW EVP.

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