WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results (6/15/21)

June 15, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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NXT General Manager William Regal walks down to the ring. The crowd breaks into a “please don’t leave” chant. Regal says he has been with NXT since day one. Regal is already emotional. Regal recounts his favorite memories in NXT. Regal starts to cry. Regal thanks the NXT Universe for supporting the brand. Regal decided that with the chaos that has been going on here, he realizes that he has given everything that he has. Karrion Kross and Scarlett interrupt. Kross is laughing on his way to the ring.

Kross says they always knew this day would come but they just didn’t know when. They had to come out here and see it and feel it for themselves. Kross asks Regal if he is crying. Kross tells Regal he is pathetic. Kross says he punched a hole through the Mount Rushmore of NXT. Regal must know that Kross can control this place with chaos. Kross demands that Regal say he was right. Kross yells for Regal to say Kross conquers all. Samoa Joe’s music hits. Kross looks concerned. Joe says he believes Mr. Regal wanted to speak to him. Regal said, yes, but not here but since Joe is here,  Regal offers Joe the role of General Manager of NXT. Joe says absolutely not. Joe says he’ll explain. Regal made NXT everything it is today. Joe says Regal cast a long shadow so it would be difficult to fill his shoes.

Joe says he won’t be General Manager but he can ensure that everyone gives Regal the respect he deserves. Regal says he will take Joe up on his offer, but he has some conditions. Joe can’t be an active competitor and Joe can’t lay a hand on the talent unless provoked. Joe agrees and they shake hands. Joe says that just leaves one last question. Joe gets in Kross’ face and says, “What are you still doing in this ring? Tik Toc, young champion.” Kross backs off.

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