Thunder Rosa
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Thunder Rosa Reveals Her Son Is Training To Become A Pro Wrestler

The next generation of wrestling is beginning to bloom in the household of Thunder Rosa, as she recently revealed her son is currently training to be a pro wrestler.

Former NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa recently appeared on the latest episode of Taylor Wilde’s Wilde On podcast, revealing that her son is following in her footsteps and currently training to become a professional wrestler.

Thunder Rosa told Wilde that her son is almost 16 years old, and Wilde said he must be a big fan of his mother’s work. Thunder Rosa then joked that he was overcritical and would tell her how to work moves into her repertoire, but it’s because he’s also training with her to one day enter the wrestling business.  

“Him and my husband are always like that,” she said. “In professional wrestling terms, we all give feedback to each other, because my son is becoming a professional wrestler too. He’s training with me, so I watch him very close and I was like ‘you did this well, but you gotta work on this.’”

Not only does she train with her son, but Thunder Rosa also further went on to note that her son also watches and provides feedback on her in-ring performances as much as she will critique his work.

“And when he watches my matches, he’s [critical and gives feedback] ‘The match is really cool, but you need to stop doing this because it looks wacky,’” she said. “And sometimes they call or text me to be like, ‘what was that?!?’ and I’m like, ‘y’all need to back off now.’ [laughs]

The future of this upcoming superstar is in great hands with Thunder Rosa, and WrestleZone looks forward to the legacy continuing!

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