Ariel Helwani
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ariel Helwani To Cover WWE For BT Sport After Exit From ESPN

Ariel Helwani has exited out of ESPN in favor of the European-based sports media brand BT Sport. It was revealed earlier this month that the established MMA reporter would be leaving ESPN after his three-year deal with the sports conglomerate expired last week and it didn’t take long for Helwani to find a new residence. BT Sport announced this morning that Ariel will be wearing several media hats for its brand that will include coverage for UFC, boxing and WWE.

Helwani himself shared a few words with fans expressing his excitement to be joining a brand that he considers global rather than just European.

Helwani did give previous comment regarding his leave from ESPN in a June 6 video on Instagram where he even hinted at a new place of work.

“I want to let you know that there’s no hard feelings here. ESPN did offer me a new contract,” Helwani said. “I signed for 3 years back in 2018. They offered me a new contract. I was given the opportunity to look at what was out there for me and I found a lot of exciting opportunities and a lot of things that think the fans will really like and be pumped about, as I am as well. I’m not quite ready to announce that.

“I’ll tell you about that soon.”

“I’d be lying if I said I’d go there and leave three years later,” Helwani said. “But this is a crazy world, a crazy business.”

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