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QT Marshall Wants To Add A Female To The Factory, Shares Some Of His Success Stories As A Trainer

Under QT Marshall‘s leadership, The Factory has been pumping out performers who consistently appear on AEW programming. Marshall helps AEW’s breakout stable that features young stars like Nick Comoroto and Anthony Ogogo, and he also teaches at The Nightmare Factory, a school he operates alongside Cody Rhodes.

In a recent appearance on AEW Unrestricted, Marshall reflected on the success of The Factory, both the one featured on AEW TV and the actual facility. When asked about whether he intends to add more members to the stable, Marshall stated that a female could join The Factory at some point. He named Jade Cargill as someone who could have fit that bill, but she broke out as a singles star instead.

“I think the biggest thing we’ve been talking about is possibly adding a female,” said Marshall. “And before she signed with Mark Sterling, Jade would have been the first choice because she trains at The Factory. But we wanted her to be, she’s got a lot going for herself, so we kind of wanted to let that go. But there’s a lot of extra talent that comes in that I think, if they were just taught the right things at the right times, that they have a lot of potential.”

QT Marshall also made it clear that members of The Factory don’t have to be one of his young students; he used Aaron Solow as an example of how how his guidance complemented Solow’s prior experience. He then hinted that some of the women’s wrestlers who have competed on AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation might be on his radar as recruits for The Factory.

“…With Aaron Solow, I didn’t train him from scratch,” said Marshall. “He’s been around for 13 years but he just needed the proper guidance and that’s where his opportunity came in. So there are some people out there, but I think I adding a female to the group would really help us out. There’s been a couple on Elevation and Dark that are not affiliated with any of the factions in AEW, so we’ll see.”

Several of Marshall’s students are standing out in AEW, and on the podcast, he named Preston “10” Vance and Anna Jay as some of his main success stories.

“One would be Preston Vance, 10, and I met him when he first signed up at the Monster Factory,” said Marshall. “And then when he found out I opened up a facility, he moved right to Georgia. He actually moved in with me. So he’s somebody that because of his build, it’s usually rare that someone with a build like him is gonna be good in the ring. So the fact that he ended up as well as he’s done, very proud of that.

“Anna Jay for instance, she was another one that, when she walked in, I remember telling her brother, who was there with her, like as long as she does this, meaning just puts in a little bit of work, she’ll be okay. Because she just has that it factor, it is what it is.”

QT Marshall also specifically pointed to Lee Johnson, as he recalled how AEW President Tony Khan specifically praised him after the young star’s very first match with the company. Marshall joked about how Johnson received a lengthy contract with AEW and emphasized that he’s proud of “Big Shotty.”

“[Tony] texted me when Lee Johnson had his first match,” said Marshall. “He said, ‘Hey, is Lee your guy?’ I said he is. He said, ‘Wow, I think you really have something special with this kid. Keep doing whatever you’re doing with him.’

“And then literally three months later, he signs like a, I don’t want want to go into this business, but I think like a six-year contract. Like this is absurd, you know. I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, that’s my student. What do I get? I don’t even have a six-year contract, I don’t even have a three-year contract, like what’s going on here?’ But he’s someone I’m very proud of as well.”

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