Nick Khan On Las Vegas Hosting SummerSlam: It’s A City That Has Always Attracted Everybody

The biggest party of the summer and Sin City are a match made in heaven.

WWE President Nick Khan spoke with the Las Vegas Sun and discussed the company’s decision to select Las Vegas as the destination to host this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event.

“We were paying close attention to March Madness because there was a thought that people might not be going back to Las Vegas [to bet and watch games] because there was nothing to go back to,” Khan said. “But once March Madness hit, the occupancy rate skyrocketed. That was our moment of [understanding] if we have an event, it will get people back, and it’s an opportunity to also help jumpstart the Vegas economy.”

Khan would also tout Vegas as being the top attraction for tourists being a major factor in why WWE is bringing SummerSlam to the city.

“To me, Vegas has always been a city that attracts everybody. Certain cities attract regional or local folks but not national or international, and Vegas has always been that,” Khan said. “It’s a city based on winning, and the fact that the [Golden Knights] won a lot early on has built a lot of traction. It’s also about how great T-Mobile and Allegiant are and their proximity to the Strip shows the brilliance of both developers of those venues.”