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Melina: I’m ‘So Proud’ Of Mickie James For Leading The Way With NWA Empowerrr

The women’s division of the National Wrestling Alliance has been generating a lot of buzz recently; Mickie James has joined the company, and she’ll be the executive producer of the upcoming all-women’s “Empowerrr” event. James has previously said she hopes to “shine a light on women’s wrestling” with the show.

In an interview with Alistair McGeorge of, James’ former rival in WWE, Melina shared her excitement about the fact that she gets to work alongside James again. Both former WWE Women’s Champions are two of the most notable names in the NWA’s growing women’s division, and Melina stated that she’s “so proud” of James’ role with the company.

“That’s my sister,” said Melina. “That’s my sister from the beginning of my career till the end of this time. We were born in the same year, everything. It’s so funny how our lives are just so paralleled in this.

“To be in NWA with her, to do this with her, is just like… aw man, that just brings me closer to my sister. I’m very fortunate that she’s with us and doing this with us. She’s leading the charge with this. I’m so proud.”

While James wil produce “Empowerrr”, it’s fair to expect Melina to be involved with the show in some capacity. In the interview, Melina admitted doesn’t know who she’ll face in a potential match at the show, but she made it clear that she’s looking forward to it.

“I really don’t know who I’m gonna up against,” said Melina. “I don’t know if I’m gonna be tagging, I don’t know what’s gonna happen in this all-women’s pay-per-view,’ she admitted. ‘But I’m so glad it’s happening because it’s about time! It’s about time, and I’m glad NWA is doing it.”

Melina also praised the NWA women’s division and shared her belief that it’s filled with good people.

“Incredible human beings,” said Melina. “Every time I just wanna hug everybody and just say I love you. ‘No, you’re supposed to be a bad girl!’ I know but I love you guys, I wanna hug your faces. I do, they’re absolute sweethearts.”

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