The New Day
Image Credit: WWE

Kofi Kingston Pins MVP In Tag Team Match, Angers Bobby Lashley

This week’s episode of WWE RAW ended with a heated tag team match between WWE Champion Bobby Lashley & MVP and the New Day. In a battle against the feuding duos , the New Day who walked out with a win, as Kofi Kingston pinned MVP to earns some momentum ahead of WWE Money in the Bank.

MVP and Woods clearly had no love lost for each other, as the enemies talked trash to each other early and often. After Kingston tagged in, the former WWE Champion hit an impactful stomp on MVP’s legs from the top rope. Still, the duo of Lashley and MVP turned things around to take over due to the pure strength of “The All Mighty.”

Later, Lashley tossed Woods to the floor and tagged MVP back in, but Kingston came out of nowhere and dropped the champion with an emphatic Trouble in Paradise. Woods then climbed to the top rope and dove down onto Lashley to keep him down , and Kingston was able to avoid an attack from MVP and hit him with a Trouble in Paradise for the decisive win.

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