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JTG Pitched Hormone Monster-Like Character For His WWE Run Years Before ‘Big Mouth’

JTG’s days as a member of Cryme Tyme are in the rearview mirror, and fans are starting to see what the former WWE star is capable of as an individual competitor during his run with the National Wrestling Alliance.

JTG’s potential was a singles wrestler was largely untapped by WWE, but this lack of opportunity can’t be blamed on a lack of ideas from JTG. In an interview with Alistair McGeorge of, he shared some creative pitches that he had during his WWE career. Most notably, JTG described one idea that essentially would have been a “Hormone Monster” character from the popular animated series, “Big Mouth.” JTG described how only he would be able to see this character; the description is similar to the way R-Truth used to be accompanied to the ring by Little Jimmy.

“He was gonna be invisible to everyone else,” said JTG. “It’s kinda like, I dunno if you watch that show on Netflix, the cartoon with the Hormone Monster – ‘Big Mouth’?

“It was gonna be something similar to that – I’m interacting with the monster, he’s making jokes and having a blast on everybody else’s behalf.”

JTG also noted how, in his mind, the audience could hear this character, but he’d be the only person who could see it. In the interview, he described how Vince McMahon actually “loved the idea,” but the people under McMahon failed to execute this vision.

“I pitched it immediately to Vince, and Vince loved the idea,” said JTG. “It was just, “How were we gonna pull that off?” Then I had to start talking with the people underneath him. That’s when issues came,’ he admitted.

“Vince liked it, he trusted his people beneath him to get the job done and it wasn’t happening. The communication wasn’t there.”

At the time, WWE was in the midst of the “PG Era,” so several characters were developed with the focus on WWE’s younger fans. JTG described how the company wanted him to be a kid-friendly star, and he thought his idea about his (mostly) invisible friend could have been a great way to accomplish that goal.

“I know they wanted me to cater to kids,” said JTG. “That was the direction they wanted me to go in because of my charisma and the energy that I brought to the ring.

“I think incorporating a foul-mouthed Muppet, it appeases to both kids and teenagers. I thought it would’ve been a cool little stint.”

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