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Chelsea Green Explains How She Got Out Of Her WWE Non-Compete Early, How Her Ring Of Honor Debut Happened

Chelsea Green reveals how she was able to make her surprise appearance at Ring Of Honor’s Best In The World pay-per-view actually happen.

The latest episode of her Green With Envy podcast started with Green explaining how she was able to appear on the pay-per-view and not have it violate her WWE non-compete clause that was stipulated as part of her release in April. Chelsea started this week’s show by joking that she has been lying to everyone about her future, but it was worth the surprise at ROH’s Best In The World event on Sunday. She said her guilty conscience and wanted to come clean, then “spilled the tea” and explained how she made it all happen.

Green briefly explained how the 90-day non-compete clause still sees talent being paid, so she used the time to prepare in every way possible for her future. Green says she wants to stay a free agent and work for as many companies as she can in the next six months.

“I am not trying to lock myself into one company. I want to experience all of the places that I wasn’t able to experience before I signed with WWE, which leads me to Ring Of Honor. Ring Of Honor was actually number one on my list. For years before WWE signed me, I tried to get on Ring Of Honor but the place or the timing or whatever of their shows just never worked in my favor. So I was never able to have my Ring Of Honor debut, so when I was released, Maria Kanellis was one of the first people I reached out to to say, ‘Hey guys, I got fired, but I really want to work for you! I’d love an opportunity there.’ So yeah, I mean, after seven years of wrestling, I’m so happy. I’m finally at Ring Of Honor and I’m very excited. Obviously, I was very excited for the shock value knowing that I was debuting three days before the public thought my WWE contract was up. Keyword—thought. [laughs]

“So originally, I was supposed to wrestle in the women’s tournament for the new Women Of Honor title but I found out my arm was in fact a little injured. So I had to make the tough call to Ring Of Honor and give them that news, and trust me, as hard as I tried to wrestle this week, the Maryland Athletic Commission was not letting me. I’m not joking, they were not fucking having it, they have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to injuries in wrestling. And you know what? I have to respect that, obviously, but I also wanted to cry about it a little bit. It’s not ideal, and it sucks because for the past few months, all I’ve being doing is preparing for this moment, this exact moment. Mentally, physically, I’ve been working out like crazy and spending time coming up with new ideas and pitches, characters, obviously spending my money on new gear and looks, so when I found out that my arm was injured for the third time—yeah, third fucking time—I was pretty heartbroken to say the least.”

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Green went on to explain how she had to call some people and rework her calendar, adding that her return to the indies will be a little anti-climactic, but she wanted to focus on the positive and how she got out of her non-compete clause with WWE early.

“I was able to swindle myself a little deal with WWE and get myself on TV a little earlier, which would have, in theory, allowed me to be part of the Ring Of Honor tournament and pay-per-view. Honestly, I just need to stop there and give a huge shout-out to Johnny Ace [John Laurinaitis], who is—well, I don’t know his position at WWE actually because it’s ever-changing, but Johnny Ace is amazing. He’s been so helpful throughout this process of me being released. When I was first released, I went to him and actually asked him right away if I could forego my 90-day pay and get back onto the indies within the next week or two. And he was willing to do that for me, but unfortunately with the complications I had with my arm again—the never-ending complications with this arm—I had to get the plate removed from my arm and we just decided that it was best to not go ahead and break my contract.

“So when I contacted him this time around, which was about a month ago, and asked him if I could forego my last week of WWE pay to appear on the Ring Of Honor pay-per-view, obviously I was thinking there was no way in hell that he’d go for it, like not a fucking chance, but—mind blown—he contacted the lawyers at WWE and had me out of my contract on July 7, as opposed to July 14, by the end of the week you guys. So again, I am so grateful for Johnny Ace to say the least, he is the reason I was able to surprise the fans and show up at the pay-per-view. Him, and every single person at Ring Of Honor that let me do this. Ah! What a life, you guys. What a freakin’ life. Hopefully, I can keep just shocking you guys and popping up in places you least expect me to pop up in. Just keep watching, that’s all I have to say…”

More recently, Green had been rehabbing her arm at the WWE Performance Center recently, a result of an injury scare while doing some ring drills. Despite being released in April, the injury happened in a WWE ring. Green said they were still treating it, which she said was awkward, but worth getting it taken care of. Click this link to read more about her recent injury scare and being back at the WWE PC for rehabilitation.

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