Kross Joe
Image Credit: WWE

Karrion Kross Defeats Johnny Gargano To Retain NXT Title, Chokes Out Samoa Joe

Karrion Kross left both Johnny Gargano and special guest referee Samoa Joe lying on Tuesday night.

Kross, the reigning NXT Champion Kross showcased his strength and power in a title defense against Gargano, but Johnny landed some of his signature shots. Kross went to finish Gargano off with a top rope maneuver, but the challenger rolled over on top of him for a pin attempt. He then reversed a running powerslam into a tornado DDT.  Gargano continued the attack with some leg kicks before he trapped Kross in a modified crossface. Kross powered through the hold and locked in a sleeper. When Kross didn’t break the hold, Joe shoved Kross off after he didn’t break the hold. The two powerhouses then stared each other down, and the tension was palpable.

Kross continued his chicanery as he pulled out steel steps to slam Johnny on, but Joe stopped him again. Back in the ring, Kross crushed Johnny with a quadruple powerbomb. He then hit a reverse exploder suplex and his patented back elbow smash to clinch the decisive victory.

Post-match, Joe looked to leave the ring, but Kross caught him from behind with a guillotine choke to put the former champion asleep. Kross then stood tall over Joe at the end of the show.

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