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Hacksaw Jim Duggan Signs New Brand Representation Deal, Announces ‘DiBiase/Duggan ’24’ Campaign

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Photo Credit: The Wrestling Collection

Hacksaw Jim Duggan has joined The Wrestling Collection.

The Wrestling Collection, a division of 16 Creative, Inc., issued a new press release to WrestleZone on Thursday announcing they’ve signed WWE Hall Of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan for exclusive brand representation.

“Hacksaw Jim Duggan is someone I grew up watching my father wrestle, and also someone I have wrestled myself,” said Ted DiBiase Jr, Partner & Chief Executive Officer. “It’s truly an honor to partner with Jim to help cement his legacy as an ICON in our business.”

Duggan’s signing marks the first new project launch since the company was officially announced in May. Hacksaw joins his longtime friend and frequent opponent the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, and Junk Yard Dog as part of a quickly growing roster of legendary wrestlers under the TWC banner.

“Hacksaw Jim Duggan is an ICON in professional wrestling and the perfect addition to the TWC roster! We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming opportunities with his brand,” shared Jared Ashley, Partner & Chief Product Officer.

“I’ve spent almost 2 decades in the entertainment industry and I have to say that helping these legends re-create their legacy is the most fun I have had in years!” noted David Keller, Partner & Chief Technology Officer. “We are honored to add Hacksaw Jim Duggan to the TWC family.”

Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s launch has kicked off with an all-new website & branding that you can view here. In addition, The Wrestling Collection is quickly rolling out a fresh line of merchandise, with much more on the way in the coming weeks. DiBiase (Sr.) and Duggan also have a new joint venture, a 2024 campaign backed with the slogan ‘Tough enough to run the race, and rich enough to fund it!’. For more information on #DiBiaseDuggan24, visit dibiaseduggan.com.


Ted DiBiase Jr. spoke to WrestleZone about his new partnership with 16 Creative earlier this year, and how he wants to help wrestling legends like his father and others monetize their brands and protect their legacy in the rapidly changing digital age.

“That was the goal, to help him really monetize his brand and the platform he built, not just monetize but promote what he’s invested in and what he’s doing today and his ministry work and the great work that he does. So it just turned into a business venture,” DiBiase said. “There are so many other guys that need this once they leave WWE or wrestling, [they say] ‘well what now?’ There’s the signings and the bookings but in this day and age, everything lives online.”

DiBiase also explained how 16 Creative offers design resources and product development resources to retired athletes of all walks, some of which had careers before the social media age.

“That older generation, like my dad’s age, they’re like, ‘what’s Twitter?’ Some of them, they get it, but as far as how to capitalize on that and build campaigns, they’re just not gonna do it. We want to do that for them so their legacy lives on, they can have a life outside the ring, more successful, more engagement with the fans, enhance their communities, give more access to them, and more opportunity for them as well.”

Check out our full interview with Ted DiBiase Jr. by clicking the link below:

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