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ROH Wrestling Results (7/26/21): Dalton Castle, PCO And Flip Gordon In Action

ROH Wrestling Results 

Originally aired July 23, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com

Backstage, after a replay of the ending of Mandy Leon’s win over Quinn McKay, The Allure mocks McKay for her loss.

McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show. She notes that the ROH Women’s Championship Tournament will begin with next week’s episode.

World Famous CB vs. Flip Gordon

Before the match, Gordon simply states that he has nothing to say until he gets his shot at the ROH World Championship. (He will challenge Bandido for the title at ROH Glory By Honor Night One.) Meanwhile, CB says he has been figuring out who he is, but Gordon keeps changing who he wants to be. He vows to make Gordon tap out in this bout.

Gordon and CB feel each other out with technical holds early on. “The Mercenary” takes CB to the mat and showcases some pure wrestling skills. CB gains the upper hand with a knuckle-lock, but Gordon surprises him with a roll-up for a one count. The contest is evenly matched in the opening minutes, but CB takes control and grounds Gordon.

CB does his best Pete Dunne impression by wrenching Gordon’s fingers. Once the match moves out of the ring, “The Mercenary” drops CB with a German suplex on the floor. Gordon dumps CB over the barricade and effortlessly tosses him back over the barrier. Back in the ring, CB rallies and slams Gordon arm-first to the mat. A superkick rocks Gordon, and CB continues to wrench the arm with a Kimura. Gordon powers out of it and kicks CB in the face. In the end, CB has no choice but to tap out to the Submit the Flip (Crossface.)

Winner: Flip Gordon

The Bouncers and Ken Dixon take control of the broadcast, and Caprice Coleman stands up to them. Beer City Bruiser says they’re putting the roster on notice, as they’re coming for both the RPH World Tag Team Championship and the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

Backstage, Gordon repeats that he has nothing to say until he gets his shot at the ROH World Championship.

A clip shows the bracket for the ROH Women’s Championship Tournament.

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