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Margot Robbie Was A Big Fan Of The Undertaker, Wishes She Had Seen Women In More Prominent Roles

The Suicide Squad” can be described as one wildest movies one could watch this summer. So having Bianca Belair, “The EST of WWE” interview some of the stars who will bring the DC characters to life is a fitting match.

Ahead of the film’s official release on Friday, the reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion interviewed Margot Robbie, Mayling Ng and Daniela Melchior. In one highlight, Robbie explained how she used to be a WWE fan when she was a kid, and she particularly liked The Undertaker and John Cena, with whom she shares the screen in “The Suicide Squad.”

She also described how she wishes she could have watched powerful women like Belair when she was growing up because it could have sent her a message about how anything is possible.

“I really have an issue with this misconception that women aren’t excited by or don’t like action or fight scenes,” said Robbie. “I watched WWE growing up, and my favorites were like The Undertaker. But imagine if I had, and John Cena [was another favorite], by the way, so it was crazy working with him, but imagine if I had grown up getting to watch you on screen? Imagine what I would have thought I was capable of doing had I grown up seeing women do all the things that I loved watching men do.”

“The Suicide Squad” will hit theaters and HBO Max on August 6, but fans will get the chance to watch the film early with a “special preview” showing on both platforms on August 5 at 7 p.m. ET.

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