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The Rock: Bret Hart Was Kind To Me When I Was A Rookie, He’s ‘A Great Guy’

Bret Hart is widely known as “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be”, and a recent anecdote from The Rock shows that Hart’s greatness wasn’t limited to his skills as a wrestler.

The Rock spoke with Joseph Deckelmeier of The Illuminerdi while he was doing a media tour for “Jungle Cruise”, and when the former WWE Champion noticed that Deckelmeier was wearing a Hart shirt, he went out of his way to praise the WWE Hall of Famer. The Rock stated that Hart was exceptionally kind to him when he was a rookie.

“The t-shirt he’s wearing is a guy who didn’t have to be, but he was so good to me when I was a rookie professional wrestler, and his name is Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart,” said The Rock. “He comes from a very famous wrestling family, but at that time, he was world champion, and there were a lot of guys in that world at that time in ’96 that didn’t necessarily embrace me, just when I was a rookie coming in, because everyone is hungry for their spots, and he’ll tell you, there’s a lot of sharks in the water.

“But that guy, Bret, and he was world champion, to show me how it’s done…I think [he did it] because he knew that our families knew other and knew that I came from a lineage of pro wrestling and that I had a real love and respect for wrestling. And he was just a great guy, and I always like to give him props where I can.”

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