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Mr. Hughes Pitched A ‘Millenium Man’ Gimmick In WWE, Says Vince McMahon Always Took Care Of Him

Everybody’s relationship with Vince McMahon isn’t a tumultuous one.

Former WWF star Mr. Hughes recently spoke with Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling and described his run in the company as well as his relationship with Mr. McMahon.

“Yeah, I got a lot of fond memories from WWF man. You know, Vince [McMahon] took care of me. He liked what I did, he liked the character. Vince likes athletes and as a big guy, what I was doing, he loved it, he saw something in me and gave me an opportunity and so when he gave me the opportunity to fight The Undertaker, he lined up all the stars of WWF, from Bret Hart to Macho Man [Randy Savage] to[‘Hacksaw’ Jim] Duggan, all of ‘em and they all had to get my hand raised because I was working my way towards The Undertaker and so they had to show that to get to The Undertaker, you gotta show that you’re a bad S.O.B. and so, that’s what Vince was trying to do,” he said. “He did a damn good job at it because when he gave me the opportunity to go out there and fight The Undertaker, I didn’t believe it.”

Hughes also talked about how he pitched a “Millenium Man” gimmick in WWF, and how he ultimately ended up working with Chris Jericho instead.

“Oh yeah, no doubt about it [that he enjoyed the enforcer roles]. Every time I went to WWF — I was there three different times and each time they brought me in, they had me with somebody over. Either it was Triple H, Y2J or taking The Undertaker’s urn, I was always with somebody that was over. Each time Vince [McMahon] brought me in, I was always with somebody who was a star there, and that was the good thing about it because at first, when Millenium Man hit, I had sent WWF a package of this new character called Millenium Man, and instead of them using the Millennium Man,” he explained, “they put me with [Chris] Jericho and called him Y2J, which I didn’t mind because I had a gig. I had a contract, I was gonna make a whole bunch of money and so I didn’t care, you understand? The whole objective was money, period.

Hughes would also delve into training former IMPACT Knockouts Tag-Team Champions Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz as well as when he plans on retiring from in-ring competition.

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