WWE Raw Results

WWE RAW Results (8/9/21)

WWE RAW ResultsWWE RAW Results 

August 9, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Randy Orton

Orton welcomes everyone to the show. Riddle immediately inturupts. Riddle tells Orton that he missed him so much. Riddle asks Orton where he was all these weeks. Riddle tells Orton he’s glad he’s back. Riddle says now that Orton is back they can go back to being RKBro. Orton asks Riddle why he thinks he’d want to team with him again. Orton says they are much better on their own. Riddle sheepishly asks Orton if he doesn’t want to be on a team with him anymore.

Riddle looks like he’s going to cry. Orton gets frustrated and tells Riddle they were a good team. The keyword is were. AJ Styles and Omos walk to the ring and make fun of Riddle and Orton. Orton goes off on Styles and tells him that the only thing bigger than Styles’ ego is the big jackass in his corner. Styles challenges Orton to a match. Orton accepts. Orton tries to RKO Styles but Styles avoids it and rolls out of the ring.

Orton attempts an RKO on Omos but Omos shoves him away. Orton rolls out of the ring. Riddle stalks Omos from behind. Omos turns around and Riddle tries to RKO him. Omos counters with a chokeslam. Riddle rolls out of the ring. Orton stares at Riddle and mutters, that wasn’t very smart. Orton leaves Riddle.

Backstage, SmackDown’s Baron Corbin has invoked the brand to brand invitational. Corbin is basically homeless now and his wife has left him. Jinder Mahal called Corbin and gave him an opportunity to make some extra cash. Corbin needs the money so he’s here to challenge Drew McIntyre.

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