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LA Knight vs. Cameron Grimes At TakeOver 36; Ted DiBiase Wagers ‘Virgil’ Duties In Favor Of Million Dollar Title

The stakes sure are high for Cameron Grimes and Ted DiBiase at NXT TakeOver 36.

Grimes continued to adhere to his butler duties at LA Knight‘s side on Tuesday night, and after Knight handed a loss to Andre Chase, DiBiase came to the ring, hoping to convince Grimes to leave Knight’s side. This attempt gave Knight the chance to present a new title opportunity for Grimes, as he offered up his Million Dollar Championship against his butler at TakeOver 36, but under one major condition. If Grimes loses for a third (and final) time, “The Million Dollar Man” will become Knight’s butler instead. Grimes pleaded with DiBiase not to acceptthe offer, but the WWE Hall of Famer said he’s a gambling man, so he took the wager.

Knight defeated Grimes to win the title at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. He retained the gold in a rematch at NXT: The Great American Bash.

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