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Stephen Amell Says Current Attention On CM Punk Is ‘A Real Good Thing’ For ‘Heels,’ Praises His Acting Skills

Stephen Amell knows the value CM Punk adds to his latest project.

Stephen Amell is no stranger to professional wrestling, as he’s competed inside the ring for WWE, Ring Of Honor and at All In. The former star of the hit DC Comics series Arrow is stepping back into the ring in the form of a new television series called Heels that debuts on STARZ this weekend.

Ahead of this weekend’s premiere, Stephen Amell sat down with WrestleZone’s own Bill Pritchard to discuss various subjects related to the show, including CM Punk’s guest role as “Ricky Rabies.” When asked about the attention CM Punk is currently getting due to the rumors of his return to professional wrestling, Amell couldn’t put the idea over enough because he knows it will attract attention to the show.

“You mean the possibility of Phil as CM Punk coming back while he’s on the first season of our show that we’re trying to get people to pay attention to so that we can do like five more seasons?” Stephen Amell asked. “Yeah, I’d say that’s a real good thing!”

Following up, Amell was also asked about the value a name like CM Punk adds to Heels because he helps create a more authentic show when it comes to professional wrestling. Amell agreed and said Punk has lived or met this character before so he knows where to take things, but also pointed out that Punk really didn’t mess around with making sure his acting skills were at the level they needed to be.

“One-hundred percent, because the character that he’s playing, Ricky Rabies, is a guy that he knows it’s that journeymen indie wrestler. Phil’s wrestled in Duffy domes before. I mean, he’s wrestled in New Japan; he’s headlined Wrestlemanias. He’s done it all, but he knows that Ricky Rabies character. Phil working in the ring and being good in the ring—I get goosebumps just thinking about the fact that I got to work with him—that was a given. But, but Phil’s acting chops and what he brings to that Ricky Rabies character, that’s the reason why we bring him back for our season finale, or why hopefully we can have more of him going forward,” Amell explained. “He did not f-ck around when it came to the acting. He brought all his attention to that and he really created a really cool character.”

You can catch the season premiere of Heels on STARZ on August 15.

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