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Christian Cage Defeats Kenny Omega, Wins IMPACT World Title On AEW Rampage

On the debut episode of AEW Rampage, Kenny Omega defended the IMPACT World Championship against Christian Cage. The two men will collide again for Omega’s AEW World Championship against at AEW All Out. In a surprising upset, Cage emerged victorious.

In front of an energetic crowd, Cage took the fight to the champion and flipped him off. Omega seemingly underestimated the former World Heavyweight Champion, but he took control and briefly grounded the veteran.

Cage fired back, but a distraction from Don Callis let Omega send the challenger crashing to the floor. “The Belt Collector” subsequently took control, but Cage later rallied with a sunset flip powerbomb.

The two stars continued to go back and forth, and a reverse DDT dropped Omega on the back of his head. A vicious knee trigger floored Cage and seemingly had him on the ropes, but Cage dodged another one and dropped the champion with a Spear. Omega regained the upper hand with a snap dragon suplex, but Cage persevered and got a near count with a frog splash.

Another distraction from Callis let Omega kick Cage below the belt, and the Young Bucks brought a chair into the ring. But Cage took advantage and hit the Killswitch onto the chair for the shocking win.

It’s important to note that Cage has been the world champion twice during his previous run with TNA, but this is his first reign as the IMPACT World Champion. During his previous run, he held the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, TNA’s world title at the time.

In fact, Cage was the last TNA wrestler to hold the NWA title, as the promotions stopped working together; TNA then created its own world title, and Kurt Angle was the first champion.

In a post-match promo, Cage celebrated with Jurassic Express and noted that he’ll have an even harder time taking the AEW World Championship from Omega when they meet again.

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