LA Knight DiBiase NXT
Image Credit: WWE

Ted DiBiase Joins Commentary As Cameron Grimes Defeats Josh Briggs; LA Knight Punches Both

Ted DiBiase wagered $20,000 to LA Knight that Cameron Grimes could defeat Joshua Briggs, and “The Million Dollar Man” is $20,000 richer after NXT on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, LA Knight offered a fair sum to Briggs if he could take down Grimes on tonight’s card, but adhering to the duty of a butler, Grimes served Briggs up on a platter. Still in his penguin suit, Grimes was able to hand Briggs the loss while LA Knight was ordered to put his money where his mouth was by DiBiase in an unfriendly wager.

After Grimes got the 1-2-3., LA Knight swiftly slugged DiBiase before doing the same to Grimes . Knight will face Grimes at TakeOver 36, and he’ll defend his Million Dollar Championship with the stipulation that if LA wins, DiBiase will become his butler.

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