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Goldberg Confirms He Has Two Matches Left On Current Deal After WWE SummerSlam

This Saturday, Goldberg will challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at WWE SummerSlam.

After that, the WWE Hall of Famer is down to the final two matches on his contract. In 2020, Goldberg stated that he has two matches per year on his current deal. Due to the fact that Goldberg faced Drew McIntyre in January at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, it has been fair to assume that this bout against Lashley will mark the WWE Hall of Famer’s last match of the year. Goldberg confirmed this to be the case during an appearance on the newest episode of WWE’s The Bump.

“Da Man” stated that he has two matches left on his deal. When asked whether he’s Team Reigns of Team Cena, he explained that he’d like to face both men; the former WWE Universal Champion hinted that he could clash with either one after he faces Lashley this weekend. But he also explained that this outcome could be “wishful thinking” because he only has two matches left on his deal.

“I’m team neither one of them,” said Goldberg. “Neither one has stared across the ring and seen me as an opponent, so I look at both of them the same….They’re just future victims. I’d love a piece of Roman Reigns, and I think maybe even more so, I’d love to get my hands around Cena’s throat. But that’s wishful thinking.

“We’ll see. Let me take care of Bobby Lashley first and hey, I only got one more match, or two more matches on my deal here so we’ll see what happens.”

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