Report: WWE NXT Ends Its Partnership With Full Sail University

After an almost 10 year partnership, it appears that the relationship between WWE NXT and Full Sail University has unfortunately come to an end.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the WWE Performance Center (known as the Capitol Wrestling Center to NXT fans) will be undergoing upgrades over the next month to make it the long-term home of WWE NXT.

Meltzer reports that the reason WWE NXT is taping three weeks’ worth of television following TakeOver 36 on Sunday is due to the upgrades the company is making to the Performance Center over the next few weeks. Including but not limited to more lights and color and the removal of the plexiglass around ringside.

Dave Meltzer goes on to elaborate on what the changes mean for the black and gold brand as we advance:

“From a creative standpoint, the show is supposed to give the wrestling students and prospects more television time and less time to the experienced veterans and strong workers, which is a seismic shift in the goal of attempting to present the best wrestling show possible to being a developmental television show,” Dave Meltzer wrote. That is the doctrine, but how it plays out remains to be seen, but they do want the concept to be closer to the 2015 version of NXT.”

This marks yet another disappointing report regarding WWE NXT in recent weeks as the brand continues to undergo changes in the weeks and months ahead.

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What are your thoughts on WWE NXT ending their partnership with Full Sail University? How much longer do you think the black and gold brand can operate out of the Capitol Wrestling Center? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.