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Photo Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns Touts The Success Of SummerSlam As ‘Legitimate Needle Moving’

Roman Reigns gets another barb in and says he’s doing legitimate needle-moving for WWE.

This year’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view resulted in the most-viewed and highest-grossing SummerSlam in the company’s history.

On Tuesday morning, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns commented on the success of SummerSlam, calling it “legitimate needle moving.” The remarks, of course, are a callback to his recent interview with Ariel Helwani where he claimed CM Punk “was not as good or as over as John Cena, he wasn’t as good or as over, didn’t move the needle like The Rock.”

Reigns’ remarks, which came before CM Punk returned to wrestling on AEW Rampage, drew the ire of some fans who felt like the shot was uncalled for or undeserved, and only gained steam after Punk finally returned. CM Punk’s return was not only successful in the United Center in Chicago, but it resulted in a ratings win for All Elite Wrestling. AEW Rampage drew 1.129 million viewers on Friday night, up 53% from the previous week’s audience. In addition, AEW drew an 18-49 key demo rating of 0.56 (692,000 viewers), which is the second-highest total ever for the promotion.

Along with the many statistic breakdowns, the AEW ratings success also brought with it a slew of comments from fans who took the opportunity to mock Reigns for saying Punk couldn’t move the needle. It appears that Reigns was unphased by the trash talk from fans, as he took time to double down on his previous remarks and fire another shot back at them.

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