Cameron Grimes
Credit: WWE

Ted DiBiase Takes The Million Dollar Title Back After Showering The CWC With ‘Cameron Cash’

The NXT post-TakeOver 36 episode looked like a million bucks thanks to Cameron Grimes and Ted DiBiase.

The “high dollar” duo started the show off with their Million Dollar Championship celebration, during which DiBiase gave major credit to his protégé. Grimes didn’t want to take all the credit for the victory against LA Knight, though. He said DiBiase motivated him to muster up enough energy to unseat his adversary, LA Knight. Grimes make it clear that he never wanted to put “The Million Dollar Man” in position to be a butler.

Now that he held the title, he couldn’t help but question what was next. In respons,e he and DiBiase were both on the same page in they aim to “go to the moon!” As it was said in unison, dollar bills with Grimes’ face on them showered down throughout the arena. Wade Barrett wasn’t as pleased and noted that the money isn’t real legal tender. That didn’t stop both men from laughing that signature Million Dollar cackle.

Of course, Ted DiBiase never stops being “The Million Dollar Man.” While he exited in his limo, Grimes tried to give the belt back to the legend. DiBiase at first accepted, but he then stopped Cameron to hand him the title back. But this wasn’t the same Million Dollar Championship; DiBiase gave Grimes a replica title instead.

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