Paul Heyman
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Paul Heyman Explains The Origins Of His ‘Advocate’ Moniker In WWE

When Paul Heyman returned to WWE in 2012 at the side of Brock Lesnar, he was no longer known as a manager…he was known as an advocate. But why did Paul Heyman take on the new moniker that’s been synonymous with his character ever since?

Paul Heyman was a recent guest on Out of Character with Ryan Satin to discuss his WWE career. During the interview, Heyman revealed that his father was an advocate and that he plays one now as a homage to his father:

“Every single day, Vincent Kennedy McMahon wears a tie that is the same type of tie that his father used to wear, and every single day he pays homage to his father,” Paul Heyman revealed. “I paid homage to my father when I came back in 2012 when I called myself the advocate. I was no longer Brock Lesnar’s agent. I was his advocate because I witnessed my father in court.

“My father was was a personal injury attorney, which is an advocate. And my father, as we Heyman males are known to do, pissed off an authority figure who, at this point was a judge and as we Heyman’s do get lectured a lot my father [said], ‘Your Honor, Your Honor…I’m just an advocate.’ and so when I came back in 2012, I said to Brock, ‘I hope it’s okay with you, I’m going to be your advocate, you know that’s what my father is, and I’m gonna play my father in that role, you know, like my father, performing in front of a jury and now perform in front of the jury of the audience.”

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Were you aware of how Paul Heyman came up with the advocate moniker for his on-air character in WWE? How good has Heyman been in that role since his WWE return in 2012? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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