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Photo Credit: WWE

Paige Reveals Her WWE Contract Is Up Sooner Than People Expect

WWE Superstar Paige often flies under the radar due to her technical status of being retired from the ring. Despite this, she is still under contract with the company.

During a recent Twitch stream, Paige revealed that while many people think her contract is not up until 2023, her current WWE contract actually expires in June of 2022.

Paige said, “My contract is up in June. Who knows if they will want to give me a new contract. Who’s to say they would want to do that? I’d love to have Twitch as apart of the new contract.”

December 2017 was the last time Paige wrestled in a match after a neck injury forced her to retire. However, after seeing the likes of Edge and Daniel Bryan return, she hasn’t necessarily ruled out the idea of one day coming back herself.

Paige has managed ‘The Kabuki Warriors’, appeared on WWE Backstage on FS1, and even spent some time as the GM of SmackDown ever since retiring. She recently said her neck is feeling awesome and she has consistently been squatting 185 pounds again.

Thanks to Fightful Select for transcribing the Paige quote above.

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