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NWA 73 Results (8/29/21)

On Sunday night, the National Wrestling Alliance presents its 73rd Anniversary Show, more commonly called NWA 73, from Khorassan Ballroom of the Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis, Missouri. This event recognizes the promotion’s legendary history and showcases its exciting present.

NWA 73 Results 

August 29, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com


The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) and Lady Frost defeated Taryn Terrell, Paola Blaze and Jennacide

PJ Hawx defeated Colby Corino

Main Show:

The show begins with a promo by the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Aaron Stevens and JR Kratos. Stevens hypes up the NWA and says real champions are here, as NWA is the dominant force in professional wrestling. He looks back on the promotion’s past and its present. He speaks as if it’s 1968 by saying Harley Race could be someone some day. Stevens repeats that the best wrestlers and the best athletes are in the NWA, so it’s not going anywhere.

‘Brawl In The Lou’ – Thom Latimer vs. Crimson vs. Tim Storm

Jax Dane attacks Crimson, his tag team partner, on his way to the ring. He grabs a ladder and slams him onto it with a Death Valley Driver. Dane hits Crimson with the ladder a few times before he walks away. Latimer capitalizes on the chaos and blasts Storm with a steel chair. Medical officials check on Crimson at ringside, and Storm hits Latimer with a garbage can. Storm clotheslines Latimer out of the ring and sends him face-first into the ring post. The former world champion pulls a huge ladder out and slams Latimer on the floor. Latimer gains the upper hand and blasts Storm with the lid of a garbage can.

Latimer climbs to the top of the ladder and hits a Swanton bomb, sending Storm through a guardrail he propped up.

Crimson comes back down the aisle and checks on Storm. Crimson drops Latimer with a spinebuster and hits with a flurry of offense. Crimson kicks a chair into Latimer’s face and slams him onto a chair with a Death Valley Driver. Storm pulls the referee out of the ring and struggles to get to his feet inside the squared circle. He trades blows with Crimson and takes the referee’s belt. Crimson and Storm hit each other with belts. They turn their attention on Latimer and blast him. With the Perfect Storm, the former champion gets the three count on Crimson.

Winner: Tim Storm

Mickie James vs. Kylie Rae

James and Rae feel each other out with technical holds. James gains the upper hand, but the two women continue to go back and forth. Rae dodges a Mick Kick and gets a two count with a pin attempt. She locks in the STF, but James escapes it by turning it into a roll-up. She floors Rae with a flapjack, but Rae blasts her with a superkick for a two count. James dodges a cannonball and plants Rae with a DDT for the win.

Winner: Mickie James

A masked woman attacks James after the match and drops her with a pump kick. The assailant unmasks to reveal herself as IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo. She plants James with a package piledriver before she leaves.

Tyrus, Masked Man & Jordan Clearwater vs. Pope, Odinson & Parrow

Tyrus tags out to avoid Parrow, who drops Clearwater with a stiff blow. Odinson and Parrow double-team Clearwater, and Pope gets in on the fun with an assisted splash. Pope fights off Clearwater and the Masked Man, but Tyrus enters the match and uses his size to overpower Pope. He tosses the former champion across the ring. Clearwater and his partners continue to ground and isolate Pope. The fan-favorite star rallies and tags Odinson, who floors the Masked Man with a flurry of offense.

He hits two European uppercuts, but the Masked Man catches him with a big boot. Tyrus tags in and keeps Odinson grounded alongside the Masked Man. Clearwater maintains the advantage when he tags in. Tyrus nails Odinson with a head butt, but Pope breaks up the pin. Odinson dodges a splash and tags Parrow, who clears house. He slams Clearwater and kicks Tyrus before Pope dives onto the champion outside the ring. Odinson and Parrow powerbomb Clearwater and the Masked Man into each other.

BLK Jeez breaks up a double-team attempt. Tyrus drops Odinson with a heart punch, but the Masked Man tags in and pins Odinson for the win.

WinnersTyrus, Masked Man & Jordan Clearwater

The Masked Man stares down Tyrus after the match, and the tension is palpable.

NWA National Championship – Chris Adonis (c) vs. James Storm

Adonis and Storm lock up and feel each other out. The champion sends Storm to the mat with a shoulder block. Storm wrenches Adonis’ arm and pops back up to his feet when Adonis sends him over the ropes. The match spills to the outside, where Adonis sends Storm face-first into the steel ring post. “The Masterpiece” grounds the challenger and clubs him on the back. He rocks Storm with an elbow to the face and suplexes him. Adonis keeps punishing Storm, but the blows only fire “The Cowboy” up. He rallies with an offensive flurry. A Frankensteiner and a spinning slam earn Storm a two count.

Adonis blocks the Last Call and gets a two count with a Spinebuster. The champion puts Storm in the Master Lock and slams him to the mat when Storm doesn’t tap. Adonis grabs Storm’s bottle of beer, sips it and spits it out. Storm hits the Last Call, but Adonis just barely gets his foot on the ropes. Storm thinks he won the bout, and he confronts the referee about the confusion. Adonis capitalizes and rolls Storm up by using the ropes for extra leverage to get the win.

Winner and still NWA National Champion: Chris Adonis

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, a 16-time world champion, comes to the ring. The fans give Flair a warm welcome, and he gets emotional. He says he’ll cry at the end, but he wants to tell the fans what he did yesterday. He name-drops some celebrities and says the NWA, no matter what, will never be gone. Flair thanks his wife for her support, and mentions Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, and more WWE stars by name. He says, “Vince McMahon, I love you.”

Flair expresses his gratitude to Triple H for helping him and to Shawn Michaels for “carrying” him through a WrestleMania match. Flair names the legends, such as Harley Race and Terry Funk, he’s wrestled in the NWA. He continues to look back on his legendary run with the promotion. Flair explains why wrestling needs brands; people who can’t work for WWE or AEW need somewhere to work. He calls the promotion’s fans the best fans in wrestling. Flair looks back on his WWE carer and thanks the people who helped him again. He thanks Billy Corgan for calling him and jokes that he thought Corgan wanted him to face Nick Aldis.

Flair thanks the fans again and gives everyone a loud “Woo” to close the promo.

12-Man Battle Royal – Winner Earns A Shot At The NWA National Championship

Participants: El Rudo vs. “That Dude” Jamie Stanley vs. “All Day” Marshe Rocket vs. Slice Boogie vs. Jeremiah Plunkett vs. Luke Hawx vs. JTG vs. Captain Yuma vs. Rush Freeman vs. Hearthrob Jaden vs. Mims vs. Sal Rinauro vs. Judais (formerly known as Muprhy in TNA) (with James Mitchell)

Order of elimination:

  • Rush Freeman (off-screen)
  • Jaden (off-screen)
  • Captain Yuma (Captain Plunkett)
  • Jeremiah Plunkett (Rockett)
  • Marshe Rockett (Rinauro)
  • Sal Rinauro (Judais)
  • Jamie Stanley (Hawx)
  • El Rudo (Mims)
  • Slice Boogie (Hawx)
  • Mims (Judais)
  • Luke Hawx (Judais)
  • JTG (Judais)

Winner: Judais

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