NWA Judais
Image credit: NWA

Judais Wins Battle Royal At NWA 73, Earns National Title Shot

Judais has arrived in the National Wrestling Alliance, and he won a title shot at his debut at NWA 73.

Formerly known as Murphy in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling and Mikael Judas elsewhere, the big man, accompanied by James Mitchell, emerged victorious as the thirteenth entrant in a bout where only 12 were advertised. With the win, Judais earned a shot at the NWA National Championship, which is currently held by Chris Adonis.

In the battle royal, the order of eliminations was as follows, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Order of elimination:

  • Rush Freeman (off-screen)
  • Hearthrob Jaden (off-screen)
  • Captain Yuma (Captain Plunkett)
  • Jeremiah Plunkett (Rockett)
  • Marshe Rockett (Rinauro)
  • Sal Rinauro (Judais)
  • Jamie Stanley (Hawx)
  • El Rudo (Mims)
  • Slice Boogie (Hawx)
  • Mims (Judais)
  • Luke Hawx (Judais)
  • JTG (Judais)

As the runner-up, JTG fought valiantly, but he was no match for the massive Judais

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