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Photo Credit: WWE

Paul Heyman On Working With Roman Reigns: This Is The Biggest Thing I Could Be Doing Right Now

Going from running a show to being on the show isn’t the demotion you may think.

Paul Heyman, currently acting as the advocate to the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns recently spoke with FOX Sports’ Ryan Satin about his transition from his backstage role on Monday Night RAW to his current on-screen role as the mouthpiece to the aforementioned Reigns.

“Well, here’s the thing. This is the highest level I can be. I consider this more accountability, more responsibility, a bigger platform, a bigger job than when I was Executive Director of RAW. I think if you brought me back last August, and you put the Universal and the WWE Championships on me – not that I would be a good champion because I wouldn’t be – but if you did, it wouldn’t be as big as what I’m doing right here with Roman Reigns. This is the biggest thing I could be doing. I am attached to the hip of the undisputed, uncontroverted No. 1 superstar in not only WWE but in all of Sports Entertainment. And I’m working with him, I assure you, as much behind the scenes as I do on camera. This is a legit, professional, collaborative effort. I only want this gig as long as I’m the man for it or the woman for it or whatever, the human being, the being for it. As long as I’m the best for it.”

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