Tommaso Ciampa Timothy Thatcher
Photo Credit: WWE

Tommaso Ciampa Hands Ridge Holland Clean Loss On NXT, MSK Saves Ciampa From Post-Match Attack

Tommaso Ciampa didn’t have Timothy Thatcher at his side against Ridge Holland and the numbers game sure came into play in tonight’s main event of WWE NXT.

Holland came to the ring with Pete Dunne, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan while Ciampa was left by himself. Last week, Thatcher was ruled out indefinitely due being attacked by the foursome, and “The Blackheart” made clear that tonight’s match would be in “Toothless Timmy’s” honor. Still, it was a rough day at the office for Ciampa, as Holland continued to punish to his foe by focusing on his long-injured neck.

That being said, the former NXT Champion showed pure grit by duking it out fist for fist against Holland. In fact, he nearly got the victory after hitting an impactful Air Raid Crash.

The tide severely turned when Holland powerslammed Ciampa into the plexi-glass protecting the fans at ringside. Somehow, Ciampa fought his way to the apron, hit a flurry of knees and eventually nailed the Widow’s Bell to get the three count.

Post-match, the four men immediately attacked Ciampa, but NXT Tag Team Champions MSK made the save. The trio of babyfaces cleared the ring, so Dunne’s crew retreated to close out the program this week.

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