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Adam Cole And Bryan Danielson Debut At AEW All Out, Kenny Omega Retains Title Over Christian Cage

Bryan Danielson AND Adam Cole are both All Elite.

Kenny Omega retained his title against Christian Cage after hitting a top rope One-Winged Angel, but the night was not over after the match.

Omega and The Elite attacked Cage after the bell, and Jurassic Express ran down to help but quickly got attacked and taken out. Omega took the mic and said he didn’t care about hometown heroes or anyone, because no one can touch him. Omega said he’s proven himself again and again, and there’s no one left to face him because the only ones that could are all retired, not there or dead… and then the lights went out.

The lights came back up and revealed Adam Cole, who walked to the ring and shocked everyone by attacking Jungle Boy. He greeted Omega and the Young Bucks, then said it was storytime and talked about how his arrival proved The Elite was unstoppable now. Omega went to bid the crowd adieu when “Ride Of The Valkyries” cued up and the arena erupted as Bryan Danielson made his way to the ring. Danielson aligned himself with Jurassic Express and Christian, then assisted in clearing the ring before playing to the crowd to end the night.

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Check out highlights of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson’s respective debuts below: