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Photo Credit: Adam Cole (via Twitter)

Adam Cole Issues Heartfelt Thank You To All His Twitch Streamers: ‘I’m Always Going To Do This’

Adam Cole has two major passions in life: pro wrestling and video gaming, but something he really enjoys is the positive gaming community that has cultivated over time via his Twitch channel, TheCHUGS.

Cole was about to fire up some Halo 4, but before he donned the ever popular Spartan helmet of Master Chief, the AEW star delivered a sincere thank you from the heart to all his longtime gaming brothers and sisters.

“The Twitch stream has blown up in a lot of ways,” Cole started off saying. “The crazy amount of support from the people who have been here since day one, there are people who are here who have never missed a stream, I love you guys. And again, for everyone who is new and seeing the stream for the first time, I hope it is a place you want to stick around and hang out and play some really really fun games. Between the insane generosity these past few days, the insane generosity since stream one, it literally leaves me speechless lots of times.”

Cole added how much the relationships he’s made via his stream means to him.

“This community is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before not just online but in general,” Cole added. “This started as a passion for video games which I very much have and now it’s turned into a community that I’m going to have or I’ll be involved in for the rest of my life.”

“It’s been so cool to see how much the stream has grown and developed over time. We have a ton of new faces, a ton of new people here and just know that I love you guys dearly and you guys make my life so much better. I hope you know that so thank you. I love you all very much. I love you.”

Later on, Cole reiterated his previous remarks and added how much his interaction with fans on his stream adds to his life in general and how much it fires his passion for video games in general.

“I’m always going to do this,” he said. “I love gaming. I love the community in gaming. Outside of wrestling, gaming is my other main passion. It’s like pro wrestling and video games are the two things that mean the most to me so that’s why when I said I’m never going to give up the stream it means too much to me and a big reason for that is you guys cause I could just sit by myself and play video games and that’s fun, but streaming with you guys and playing with you is so much better.”

You can join in on the communal fun with Adam Cole (Bay Bay) by going to his Twitch channel here.

Transcription credit should go to WrestleZone.

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