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Rok-C Wins ROH Women’s World Championship At ROH Death Before Dishonor

Ring of Honor crowned its first Women’s World Champion at ROH Death Before Dishonor.

At the pay-per-view, Rok-C and Miranda Alize faced off in the finals of the tournament for the vacant title. After a hard-fought bout, Rok-C emerged victorious.

In a match that crowned the first ROH Women’s World Champion, Rok-C clinched the win when she hit the Code Red for the win. Here’s how the match culminated, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Rok-C rallies, fueled by the fans’ cheers, but Alize hits a modified hurricanrana. Still, Rok-C perseveres and gets a two count with a diving Thesz Press. She its her signature moonsault knees for another two count. Alize blasts Rok-C with a knee to the face. Alize talks some trash, prompting Rok-C to slap her, but a DDT gets “The Lucha Baddie” a two count. Rok-C struggles to make it to the ropes when Alize locks in a modified choke/crossface, but she does force the break. Rok-C slams Alize into the barricade and dives onto her outside the ring. Alize fires back with a dropkick and a dive of her own. Both women are down, and they narrowly avoid getting counted out.

Back in the ring, Alize catches Rok-C with a cutter, but Rok-C nails an explosive kick that leaves both women down again. Alize locks in the Miranda’s Rights (crossface), but Rok-C counters it into a crossface of her own. Alize escapes and blasts Rok-C with two kicks. Rok-C kicks Alize and hits the Code Red for the win.

Winner and new ROH Women’s World Champion: Rok-C

Rok-C celebrates with her family after Kanellis Bennett presents her with the title.

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