Image Credit: WWE

Big E Cashes In On Bobby Lashley, Wins WWE Championship

Big E took to Twitter earlier in the day on Monday to announce that he would be cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on WWE . He delivered on that promise tonight by cashing in on Bobby Lashley and stunning the crowd to become the new WWE Champion.

Prior to this triumphant moment, however, Lashley successfully defended his title in a huge match against Randy Orton. After taking down Orton with a massive Spear for the three count, the then-champion wasn’t done with his opponent. Lashley led Orton outside of the ring before picking him up and chokeslamming him through the announce desk. But Lashley looked hobbled afterwards, stumbling to the stairs before climbing slowly into the ring just as Big E’s music hit and he stormed down to the ring, briefcase in hand.

Despite Lashley trying to tell the referee that he couldn’t compete, the match became official, with Big E slapping Lashley emphatically before being tackled to the ground by “The All Mighty.” After getting back up to their feet, Lashley stunned Big E with a Spear, but it wasn’t enough to win as the fan-favorite star kicked out. Lashley then tried to pick him up for the Dominator, but Big E countered, slipping out of it before he hit Lashley with the Big Ending for the win and cementing him as the newest WWE Champion. After the match, the New Day rushed into the ring, celebrating with their friend and the WWE Universe.

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