Chris Bauer
Photo Credit: STARZ

Chris Bauer On ‘Heels’ Addressing Real-Life Wrestling Commentary: I’m Sympathetic To Wild Bill’s Take

Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Starz

Chris Bauer has fully embraced the spirit of Wild Bill and is sympathetic towards the character’s viewpoints on Starz’s Heels.

On the new Starz show, Heels, Chris Bauer portrays Wild Bill. A veteran wrestler from the small Independent League in Georgia that, like most veterans, has a tendency to be stuck in his ways. In one of the episodes, Wild Bill mocks the design of a modern championship. When asked about this scene by WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard, Bauer explains why he is sympathetic to his character and the character’s ideals.

“For me personally, it’s an incredible privilege and opportunity to do that. And I have to trust you know, Michael Waldron, the creator of the show has some really authentic wrestling know how Michael Malley does too. He guided us through. You know, there’s always more to the picture. there’s anything you know about wrestling, you know that you learn from wrestling, there’s always more than meets the eye. That being said, criticism and jumping on it and having a point of view is part of the experience of participating in it. So I was, I’d have to say I’m pretty sympathetic, at least in terms of what Wild Bill has to say throughout the series. I’m pretty sympathetic to his take on things.”

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