Bron Breakker
Photo Credit: WWE

Bronson Rechsteiner Debuts On WWE NXT 2.0 As Bron Breakker, Upsets LA Knight

Bronson Rechsteiner brought “The Dog Face Gremlin” mentality tonight on WWE NXT, but with a different name than expected and with an unexpected win to boot. Reichsteiner kicked off NXT 2.0 amped up to challenge LA Knight, but he entered the picture as Bron Breakker, not Rex Steiner as previously reported. LA Knight was ready to put the youngster in his place, but it didn’t go as planned.

Breakker, all decked out in classic Steiner Brothers attire that is akin to the NXT 2.0 color scheme showed the strength and athleticism of his family legacy and pulled off an upset pinfall victory on Knight. Knight was set to compete in the fatal four-way main event for the NXT Title; he also came up short in that bout, as Ciampa emerged victorious.

After the break, Breakker was shown breaking bread with several of his NXT colleagues after his unexpected debut and victory. Bron is a former NFL player who was selected by the Baltimore Ravens and is the son of infamous Steiner brother, Rick.

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