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Dan Lambert On AEW vs. WWE: I Hope It’ll Be Like The Monday Night Wars, But WWE Isn’t Stepping Their Game Up

Dan Lambert is a relative newcomer to All Elite Wrestling, but he has some passionate thoughts on what fans often perceive as the fight for supremacy between WWE and AEW.

In an interview with  of Cageside Seats, Lambert, a long-time wrestling fan, explained how he wants to see the battle heat up like the Monday Night Wars, but he doesn’t think WWE is responding to the competition the way it once did. Instead, Lambert credited the ongoing buzz in the professional wrestling world to AEW, particularly in the way the company showcases various styles of wrestling.

“I’d like to hope it would be back to the Monday Night Wars, when everybody just kept stepping their product up to outdo the competition. And call me biased because I’m with AEW right now, but I don’t see WWE stepping their game up. I mean, Bobby Lashley is a real dear friend of mine, I love the guy, I’ve known him 15-plus years, and I’m not even at the point where I’m fast-forwarding through Monday Night RAW to get through his schtick. It’s like I don’t even hit play. I’m not a big fan of WWE’s product these days. They have some really good talents over there, but I just have a hard time watching it.

“So the wrestling boom, in my mind, is what AEW is doing and watching their product and watching their show, even though there are certain things in it that I don’t like. And some of the things that I say in my character, I actually believe. But there’s so many other things that they have, I mean you talk about having a buffet of different genres of professional wrestling, you go to one show at AEW and see every style you like and a couple other styles you don’t like. WWE, it’s kind of more of the same for me.”

In the interview, Lambert argued that rather than “stepping their game up”, WWE is relying on the power of its brand to draw viewers in. Focusing on this mindset, Lambert described how he believes WWE is staying the same, somewhat to its own detriment, as some fans continue to root for AEW’s rise to spite WWE.

“I wish this would be the wars back then where everybody’s trying to outdo each other and get better and better,” said Lambert. “I just see WWE is being somewhat egotistical in their approach, that they are who they are and what they are, and they don’t have to change anything and they don’t have to do anything differently. And people are gonna still watch.

“And I think it’s had a little bit of an opposite effect because I think a lot of people support AEW just because they wanna stick their finger in the eye of the WWE that’s run roughshod for all these years.”

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