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Ruby Soho Comments On Rumors WWE’s Riott Squad Was Influenced By ‘Suicide Squad’ Film

Ruby Soho is currently thriving in AEW, but she initially rose to national prominence in WWE as Ruby Riott, the leader of the Riott Squad.

The group ultimately fell apart, as Riott and Sarah Logan were both released by the company, leaving Liv Morgan as the last member standing. Still, the group entertained fans and enjoyed some prominence on the main roster, though the three stablemates seemingly had nothing in common as characters.

During a recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho, Soho revealed that she heard rumblings about how Vince McMahon was inspired to create ths group after he saw the 2016 Suicide Squad movie. Soho described how, evidently, she was meant to be The Joker, while Morgan was supposed to be the ‘Harley Quinn’ and Logan was supposed to be the ‘beast’ in the trio.

“They just needed somebody that looked as insane as Nikki Cross and that’s why I debuted on NXT,” said Soho. “And then shortly after that, in November of 2017, the same year, is when myself, Liv and Sarah debuted. And from what I understand, I don’t know how much truth there is to this, Vince watched the ‘Suicide Squad’, and wanted a Joker, a Harley Quinn and a beast in a female faction, and that’s why we [got out together.]”

In response, Chris Jericho, the host of the show, shot this idea down, as he doubted that the chairman watched the movie. That being said, he recalled how McMahon did watch ‘Spider-Man’ many years ago, so it’s possible he checked out David Ayer’s 2016 film about Harley Quinn and her band of criminals.

“I’m gonna throw a flag on the play there and say that Vince probably did not watch the ‘Suicide Squad,'” said Jericho. “Although he did watch ‘Spider-Man’ once, I know he watched ‘Spider-Man,’ so maybe he is into the Marvel Universe. Who knows?”

Though Riott, Morgan and Logan were three disparate characters, Soho recalled how they did their best to make the group work by remaining true to their individual characters, rather than trying to force themselves to feel like a stable.

“From what I was told, we weren’t supposed to be together for very long,” said Soho. “We were supposed to debut together and then kinda split, but they liked us together and we loved being together.

“And I think that was one of the things that because we didn’t think we were gonna last very long, we didn’t change our individual characters, and we just kinda tried to get them to mesh together instead of, ‘Oh, we’re gonna try to make each other a faction.’ We’re like, ‘Okay, if we’re gonna get split up, we’re gonna stay who we are’ And I think that’s what helped us is, we had three individual characters that made sense somehow in a weird way, that actually accented each other.”

Ironically, Ruby Soho debuted as The Joker in the Casino Battle Royale at AEW All Out, years after McMahon allegedly envisioned her in a role inspired by “The Clown Prince of Crime.” She’s set to compete for the AEW Women’s Championship against Britt Baker at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam on Wednesday. Check out the updated event card at this link.

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