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Cody Rhodes Says He’ll Retire Before He Becomes A Heel, Comments On The Challenge Of Maintaining Where He’s At

Fans might have a different take, but Cody Rhodes says you won’t see him portraying a true bad guy in AEW.

Cody Rhodes took part in an “AMA” session with Bleacher Report ahead of AEW Dynamite this week and was asked about the biggest challenges he’s faced in his career. Rhodes referenced the belief that some fans think he books the show around himself, which has led to the (normally a babyface) “American Nightmare” getting booed at events. Cody said that despite those responses, he doesn’t plan on turning heel, and the challenge has become staying consistent even though the crowd is saying otherwise.

“The music has broken my heart far more than it has cheered me up so far. I started a bit smaller and today in our industry I’m like a giant. Currently, I’m in a position where they think I book the show and book myself which has created tension for some fans. I’m of the belief that if you pay your money you can cheer, boo, etc. To go from a warm reception to an adversarial reception…i’ll retire before I become a heel. I’m not going to make decisions that are bad for our youth to see. That’s the challenge,” Rhodes explained, “How do I maintain where I’m at when the crowd wants to get a different flavor.”

Cody was also asked about the inspiration behind his “American Nightmare” moniker and what made it stick. Rhodes said he’s always been seen as this “bratty little kid” that was the antithesis to his father, The American Dream, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

“I spent my WWE career trying to do everything different from Dusty but then at a certain point you’re allowed a little grace. When I left in 2015 and went to New Japan it was Tiger Hattori and Gato that liked the idea because it was easy for the fans to follow because it was like ‘The American Dream.’ I was able to take it from there and get ownership of it and bring it everywhere I go. Now I’m surprised because I’ve never used it before. Dusty was rags to riches and I was riches to riches, bratty little kid,” he said, “so the American Nightmare fits me well.”

Despite the claim that he doesn’t want to turn heel, Cody Rhodes still used some questionable tactics in his match against Malakai Black on Dynamite. In one instance, Rhodes pushed the referee out of the way instead of breaking for a count in the corner, and the move ultimately led to him losing the bout.

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