Reigns WWE RAW
Photo Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns Pins Bobby Lashley In Star-Studded Triple Threat Match

After their six-man tag team match was interrupted by Bobby Lashley earlier in the RAW, Roman Reigns and Big E waged war with “The Almighty” in an electric triple threat match to close out this week’s episode WWE RAW. Despite bragging that he could take down both superstars, though, Lashley took the fall, as Reigns stood tall at the end of the night.

The match started with a bang, as all three powerhouses went at it almost immediately. Lashley clearly seemed to be targeting Big E, though, as he continued to try and assault the man that he claims stole his WWE Championship. But “The Tribal Chief” refused to be left out; he ended up landing some emphatic hits on Lashley in retaliation for “The All Mighty” dropping him with a Spear earlier in the night. After a brief break, it was Big E’s turn to gain momentum, as he hit Roman Reigns with a big belly-to-belly suplex that nearly ended the bout.

As the match drew to a close, the battle spilled outside of the ring after Lashley stopped Big E from pinning Reigns with a Big Ending. Lashley then dragged Big E to the broadcast table and slammed his foe through it with a vicious chokeslam. Inside the ring, Reigns was waiting with a Superman Punch for Lashley, but that wasn’t enough to end the match. “The Tribal Chief” then tried to hit him again, but Lashley countered with a massive Spear that seemed destined to keep him down before Big E slid back into the ring and broke up the pin. He then tossed Lashley out of the ring and hit the Big Ending on Reigns.

With Big E going to pin “The Head of the Table”, Lashley had seen enough, and he came back into the ring with a chair before he absolutely laid into the WWE Champion with it. In doing so, “The All Mighty” was able to essentially take Big E out of the match, but he was so preoccupied with the champion that he didn’t see Reigns, who floored him with a Spear for the remarkable victory.

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