escape the undertaker
Photo Credit: Netflix

Escape The Undertaker: Watch The First Trailer For New Netflix Film Featuring Undertaker, The New Day

It’s almost time to escape The Undertaker.

The first trailer for Escape The Undertaker, Netflix‘s new interactive movie that features WWE’s The Undertaker and The New Day, has finally arrived ahead of its October 5 worldwide premiere date.

Can The New Day survive the surprises The Undertaker has in store for them inside his haunted house? Fans will decide The New Day’s fate in this interactive WWE-themed special, where The Undertaker has set a trap for the unsuspecting trio inside his spooky mansion.

Escape The Undertaker is the latest project from the partnership between WWE and Netflix. WWE also has a new multi-installment Vince McMahon docuseries in the works, and released another film called The Main Event last April.

Check out the trailer and synopsis for Escape The Undertaker below:

“In this interactive film featuring WWE Superstars, The Undertaker has set a trap for the decorated tag team The New Day at his mansion. What they don’t know: The Undertaker’s mansion is an extreme Haunted House, packed to the brim with supernatural challenges. It’s up to viewers to decide the fate of these three poor souls trying to survive the wrath of The Undertaker,” the synopsis reads.

Escape The Undertaker would actually mark The Undertaker’s (Mark Calaway) fourth acting credit under his WWE name and just his third live acting credit. The Undertaker was featured in three of WWE’s animated films released between 2015-2017, and he (credited as Mark Calaway) also appeared in the 1991 film Suburban Commando, which also starred Hulk Hogan.

Check out a gallery of production images from the new movie at this link.

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