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Dan Lambert Praises Jorge Masvidal’s Promo Skills: Sh-t Just Pops Out Of His Mouth And People Want To Hear It

The crossover between MMA and professional wrestling is seamless for a select few, and that’s exactly the case for UFC star Jorge Masvidal‘s promo skills if you listen to American Top Team owner Dan Lambert.

The aforementioned Lambert recently spoke with Cageside Seats’ Shakiel Mahjouri about his, Masvidal’s and many other MMA fighters’ recent invasion on AEW television, and Lambert touted Masvidal’s skills on the microphone as being ‘the best in the gym’.

“I think Masvidal is the best on the mic at the gym,” he says. “If you ever go to the open workouts, at least pre-COVID, when they were doing those at the bigger shows. He’d walk out and, instead of hitting pads or doing something like that, he’d just grab the microphone and say, ‘F—k it. You’ve seen me hit pads a million times. You’ve seen me hit people all the time. Let’s start talking.’ You just watch the fans interact with him and the guy is just so sharp on the microphone. It’s not like a script. He’s not memorizing lines. S—t just pops out of his mouth and people want to hear it.”

Lambert spoke about the crossover appeal between MMA and pro wrestling, but he’s not sure if Masvidal would make the leap into the squared circle. Lambert wouldn’t be surprised if it happened, he couldn’t give a solid answer as to if Masvidal would commit to wrestling, noting how in-demand he is.

“I think Jorge’s plans on what his future has probably change by the day. Talk about somebody who’s in demand. He’s all over the place. He called me a couple of weeks ago and I said, ‘It sounds like a weird connection. Where are you at?’ He’s like, ‘Oh I’m in Egypt.’ He’s everywhere. I don’t know what’s in Jorge’s future but he’s probably going to be busy.”

Dan Lambert, alongside the aforementioned Masvidal as well as UFC Featherweight and Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes invaded the July 7 edition of AEW Dynamite and Lambert has since appeared on various episodes of AEW programming with several other members of the American Top Team family.

Check out what is planned for this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite at this link.

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