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WWE NXT Results (9/21/21)

WWE NXT Results

September 21, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

The new superstars of NXT are in the ring.

In-Ring Segment: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa holds Goldie in the air as Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, Odessey Jones, etc look on. Ciampa says after 900 plus days he won back the title that he never lost, to begin with. Ciampa has a conversation with Goldie. Ciampa tells the crowd to quiet down. Ciampa tells Goldie that he missed her two. Ciampa puts over the talent in the ring. Ciampa says he was and always will be Mr. NXT. Ciampa puts over the fans. Ciampa proclaims they are the heartbeat of NXT. Ciampa says with him holding the NXT Championship, NXT just became the A Show.

Cameron Grimes’ music hits. Grimes struts down to the ring and says all this energy has Grimes all fired up. Grimes says that the title Ciampa is holding will be the fuel that shoots him to the moon. Joe Gacy tries to speak but is interrupted by LA Knight. Knight says he had everyone beat last week. Odessey Jones reminds Knight that he lost two matches last week. Jones tells Knight to shot up. Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland walk to the ring and start throwing hands. The locker room empties and everyone brawls. Bron Breakker and Ciampa are the only two left in the ring.

Backstage, B-Fab is arguing with Elektra while a few of the other women also almost come to blows.

Back in the ring, Breakker challenges Holland and Dunne to a tag team match against him and Ciampa tonight.

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