Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

MJF Beats Brian Pillman Jr. In Grudge Match At AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam

MJF promised that he would walk into AEW’s “Grand Slam” edition of Dynamite and show Brian Pillman Jr. exactly why he’s as great as he says he is. He did just that during their match, as he defeated the second-generation star in a hard-fought bout.

Throughout the match, Pillman Jr. looked ready to walk out on top early on. He started things off by trapping MJF in the corner and pummeling him with a series of forearms before the leader of The Pinnacle escaped and hit a huge slap and stomp that dropped Pillman to the ground. He then went to work on Pillman Jr.’s obviously injured arm.

Despite being visibly hurt, the fan-favorite star was able to recover, though, and ended up once again getting the upper hand on MJF, as he even slamming his head repeatedly into the turnbuckles as the New York crowd cheered on. Later in the bout, MJF dropped Pillman with a lariat before he got into a shouting match with Julia Hart, who was at ringside during the match.

Hart attempted to hit MJF, but he grabbed her wrist to block the blow. Pillman capitalized by sliding through the ropes and nailing MJF in the head with a kick. Still, MJF quickly got back into the ring and countered a springboard attempt from Pillman by locking him in the Salt of the Earth for the submission victory. In doing so, he earned bragging rights over Pillman.

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